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A Proven Program Designed to Help You Launch Your Business Over a Weekend

Launch This Weekend is a two-day accelerator that provides the mentorship, business plan, and resources that you need to finally get your business off the ground.

Create Your Dream Business

You’ve had an idea for your own business forever, but you feel overwhelmed with all of the steps needed to put it out there in the world. How do you get your website up and running? How do you validate your idea? How will you find your first customers?

You know you need to figure all of these things out, and you’ve spent hours watching videos and reading books on starting a business. Unfortunately, none of these resources have given you a clear, actionable step-by-step plan to get your business up and running. Plus, you’re starting up on such a tight budget that it’s even more difficult to figure out how to allocate the right resources to product development, marketing, branding, and sales.

You’re stuck and over it. You’re ready to stop talking about your business idea and actually do something about it. But, there are too many pieces to figure out.

The Mentorship and Support You Need to Transform Your Idea into a Reality

We’re here to help you get unstuck, so that you can finally launch your dream business. Launch This Weekend is a two-day accelerator that will take you through a step-by-step, guided process that makes starting a business simple. As a part of the program, you will receive:

Guided Sessions

You’ll receive step-by-step guidance to launch your business from experienced, successful entrepreneurs. They’ll walk you through a proven process to launch your business idea and find your first customers.

Mentorship from Experts

You’ll receive access to a mentor committed to helping you succeed. Your mentor will share their entrepreneurial experiences to help guide your business decisions. You’ll even have access to your mentor after the program is over.

Business Success Toolkit

Have you ever wished there was a manual to make running a business easier? Well, we’re created one! Our comprehensive toolkit includes handy checklists, advanced tutorials on marketing, hiring, sales and more. You’ll have everything that you need to grow your business in one handy resource.

Private Mastermind Group

As a program participant, you’ll receive access to a private mastermind of other entrepreneurs eager to share experiences, business tips, and resources. Through the group, you’ll have access to an incredible tribe ready to help you and your business thrive.

Can I Really Build a Business in a Weekend?

Absolutely! There is a myth that building a business should be a long complicated process. When, in fact, the best way to build a business is to create a minimal viable product (MVP), so that you can quickly validate your idea. You only need a few inexpensive, simple tools and systems in order to create the first iteration of your business.

Our proven process makes starting a business extremely straightforward. By the end of the weekend, you will have:

A Refned "Market-Ready" Business Idea

An idea for a business is not enough to be successful. You must give your idea the greatest chance for success by making sure that it solves a problem that customers are willing to pay for. We’ll put your business through our rigorous 12-step evaluation, so that you can fix weaknesses and make your idea the strongest possible.

A Value Proposition MVP

Using our model and a few simple tools, you’ll create a minimal viable product that will help you sell your idea to potential customers. You’ll learn copywriting tactics to attract and convince your target audience to sign up for your product or service.

Actionable Marketing and Sales Strategy

We’ll walk you through how to find paying customers once you’ve built your MVP. You’ll learn how to identify the right marketing traction channels (paid ads, content marketing, SEO, etc), and how to develop a solid sales process that drives consistent revenue for your new business venture.

Is This Right for Me?

Launch This Weekend is a fast-paced two-day accelerator designed to help busy professionals finally get their business idea off the ground. We purposely designed the program to span over a weekend, so that you can clear your calendar (without having to use precious vacation time) to get serious and focused on your business. This program is designed for people who are ready to take massive action to make their dream company a reality.

The program is invite-only. Due to the pace, we are looking for individuals who are serious about building their idea and can commit to creating an MVP in the weekend (with a ton of support from us, of course). You can apply to receive an invite to the program, and our admissions team will review your application. To receive an application, simply enter your email address to receive an invite.

After completing Launch This Weekend, participants will receive on-going support, mentorship, resources, and tools to grow their business. Participants will also be able to join our mastermind group, where they will have access to a tribe of passionate entrepreneurs committed to helping each other succeed.

  • Launch This Weekend Testimonial

    I can't even believe that I was finally able to take my business idea and turn it into a reality. I've been dreaming of starting Parcel & Manor for 5 years, and I finally have it up and running because of Launch This Weekend.

    - Phoenix Joie, Parcel & Manor

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