Important Details About Startup in a Weekend

We're passionate about helping individuals create financial freedom through entrepreneurship. Learn more about the program with our quick facts and FAQ.

Program Dates

A new Launch This Weekend class launches the second weekend of the month, each month. Because classes fill up quickly, please apply as soon as possible. If admitted, we’ll place you in the next available session.

Program Structure

The program is held virtually during the second weekend of each month. Prior to the weekend, participants will meet their coach and go through preparatory exercises to ensure that they are ready to get the most out of the weekend. During the weekend, participants will work through the course curriculum and engage in live “impact huddles” with teammates and mentors.

Admissions Requirements

We are looking for entrepreneurs eager to launch and run a business. Participants must come ready with an idea that they plan to work on during the weekend program. While you don’t need any formal business experience, you must possess a passion and commitment to turning your business concept into a reality.

Mentorship & Support

Prior to the weekend, you will be assigned to a business mentor, who is committed to helping you get your business off the ground. After the program, your mentor will continue to provide guidance as you work to grow your business.

Class Size

We keep the class sizes small, so that you can receive the support that you need during the weekend. The typical weekend class size is 30 students, with mentors and support staff available throughout the weekend.

Business Mastermind

After completing the program, you’ll receive access to our Business Success Mastermind. This inspiring group includes peers from past Launch This Weekend classes, plus entrepreneurs from your current class. The mastermind provides a structured forum for you to collaborate, share ideas, and help one another overcome obstacles in business.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t have an idea, you can use our free tools and resources to begin brainstorming potential businesses. Unfortunately, you will not be admitted into the program until you have a defined business idea.

Launch This Weekend offers an incredible opportunity for you to finally build a business that will allow you to take control of your financial future. The investment for this opportunity is $597. This includes access to world-class business mentors, pre-weekend preparation and coaching, our Business Success Toolkit, the exclusive mastermind, on-going support, and discounts from our partners.

Yes, we offer scholarships and technology assistance to those in financial need. If you believe that you qualify for a scholarship, please contact us. If you want to recommend someone for a scholarship, please send us their name, email, and a bit about their story so that we can get in touch.

Our method focused on helping you get an minimum viable product (MVP) ready, so that you can validate your idea in the marketplace before investing a ton of additional money. A lot of first time entrepreneurs think that they need to got through a complicated process and spend a ton of time to launch a business. That is not the case at all. With a few simple tools and processes, you can validate almost any idea to make sure it is a viable business. That is what we will help you do over the course of a weekend.

Not at all! We use systems and tools that don’t require coding and development skills. However, if you choose to build your MVP on a platform like WordPress during the weekend, some technical knowledge may be required. We’ll direct you to a WordPress team that can support you during the weekend.